Conscious Evolution through Movement and Stillness


Shri Gaia Institute celebrates the abundance of Earth Mother and aims at raising the awareness of its inhabitants through mind, body and spirit practices. With the ancient science of Yoga at its core, Shri Gaia focuses on conscious evolution through movement and stillness.

Exploring and observing the movement of thought patterns, breath, body, emotions, our planet, our universe, and the rhythm and creativity of it all, validates the interconnectedness and abundance of existence. Movement is the expression of life and creation indicates movement. Finding stillness while the whole cosmos is in continuous flux is a direct way to connect to our true nature and the only thing that is everlasting – the Spirit.

It is that which never changes, that which is everywhere and in everyone. The transformative learning experiences at Shri Gaia Institute are designed to develop and increase our students intuition, self-awareness and interconnectedness with the world around us. Our training programs are directed by Tanya Popovich, Shri Gaia Institute founder, and led by a team of passionate and skilled teachers that ensure the highest quality education. Spiritual Journeys are another way to find connection through movement – not just the literal movement of our physical practices, but movement through our beautiful planet and its peoples and cultures.

Are you ready to take on a deep inner journey, and through it make an impact on the world?