In depth exploration of Chakras


Chakras are whirlpools of energy found all over our body where the energy channels intersect. The main ones are found along the spine where the major intersections take place. Each of the six major Chakras we are going to look at corresponds to a nerve plexus and endocrine gland in our physical body, but it is also related to various functions of one’s mental and emotional make-up. In other words, chakras correspond to physical and psychological aspects of our being. Learning to manage and balance the energy flow through these centers can have an enormous effect on our energy levels, psychology, wellbeing and physical health, as in most people the energy in the chakras is deficient. Furthermore, they are direct portals into our spiritual potential. In this course we will explore each chakra in depth and learn practices that will increase the supply of energy into each center. After energy has been supplied to each chakra we will work with balancing it and directing it towards a beneficial resolution. The practice will be as follows:

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• Ajna Chakra – our control center. It is important to start working with Ajna before proceeding to any other chakra. Qualities of Ajna are knowledge, wisdom, discernment, intuition, vision, concentration, imagination, visualization, and bringing the mind under control.

• Mooladhara Chakra – our base center. Mooladhara is where all our instincts lie, mainly survival instincts such as needs for food, water, shelter, procreation, etc. but it also corresponds to our ability to stand our ground, control our urges, recognize our deep hidden patterns, and our ability to manifest.

• Swadhistana Chakra – our sacral center. Swadhistana is a seat of our pleasures and relationships. After survival comes one’s place in the world – connection to one’s relations and objects of pleasure and the ability to find belonging and acceptance.

• Manipura Chakra – our navel center. Manipura is our own personal sun, the center of our radiance, strength, will-power and individuality. It is through this center that we can stand out from the crowd as leaders. Connected to our inner fire, working with this center helps us build discipline, confidence and charisma.

• Anahata Chakra – our heart center. Anahata is the center of unconditional love, the kind of love we know we are capable of as human beings when the lower centers are balanced and blockages removed, including self-love. Compassion and forgiveness are qualities of Anahata, but also peaceful alertness, clarity and kindness.

• Vishuddhi Chakra – our throat center. Vishuddhi is the center of purification on the physical, mental and psychic level. Here we work with everything we have “swallowed” and suppressed, resolving it with discernment and wisdom. Once this work is done, our voice and intention becomes more clear, and Vishuddhi becomes the center through which we experience freedom, happiness, expansiveness and creativity.